Cooperation with Life Length

Telomas BioLabs has started a cooperation with Life Length, one of the world's leading companies in the field of researching and measuring telomere length. From now on we can provide a comprehensive and precise personal test all over Europe for the price of 399€

What are telomeres?

Telomeres are the protective end caps of the chromosomes which play a very significant role in in the aging process. As cells replicate, telomeres shorten, organs get older and as a result, we age. For this reason, telomere length is an excellent biomarker of tissue renewal capacity and therefore, of organismal aging.

What factors affect our telomere length?

Telomeres are affected by three different factors:

Genetic factors – our DNA; genetic information that we inherit from our parents.
Environmental factors – our surroundings and the environment we normally live in (quality of the air, water…). Ideally, we would all live in the countryside but the reality is most of us live in urban environments where pollution is a factor but where we do have some control such as controlling unprotected sun exposure or running in areas with lots of vehicle traffic and emissions.
Lifestyle factors – our daily routine, how much we exercise, our dietary habits including alcohol consumption, body composition, the amount of sleep we normally get, how we manage our stress, whether we smoke or not, use drugs etc. This is where we can make significant impact and changes.




    Why should we measure our telomeres?

    Short telomeres represent some major health issues:

    They accelerate the onset of age-related diseases such as:

          Cardiovascular Diseases
          Metabolic Syndrome (including Diabetes Type 2)
          CNS Diseases
          Arthritis and Osteoporosis
          Certain types of cancer



    Moreover, the amount of critically short telomeres could be as well an indicator that you are suffering from an acute condition. In this sense, being able to measure your telomere length and the amount of critically short telomeres could be the key to live a longer and healthier life.

    Knowing your telomere length provides you with highly valuable information as it allows you to make appropriate lifestyle changes to improve your telomeres.  It is never too late to improve and avoid accelerated telomere shortening that you might be suffering from. Likewise, telomere testing can be an interesting tool to evaluate if, after a certain period of time, lifestyle changes (exercise, diet, stress management, supplements, etc.) are having a positive impact on your telomere length. Therefore, repeating your telomere test on yearly basis, or after at least 6 months, is recommended in order to be able to see your telomere evolution.


    How could you get your Telomeres measured?

    Although there are several different methodologies being used to measure one’s telomeres, the best option in terms of accuracy and quality of the technique of the analysis is the TAT® (Telomere Analysis Technology) offered by Life Length, which measures not only your average telomere length but also the length of telomeres in each chromosome of each cell, being able to measure more than 200 Telomere Associated Variables (TAVs) including your biological age, average and median telomere length as well as the percentage of critically short telomeres.


    Have you ever wondered about how well you are aging?


    About Life Length

    Life Length is the world leader in telomere measurement and a U.S. Federal CLIA certified / ISO 15189 internationally accredited clinical lab. Life Length has developed a unique and proprietary high-throughput technology the TAT (Telomere Analysis Technology). A Robust, sensitive and reproducible technology, which can be combined with other tests to provide a comprehensive picture of one’s overall health and aging process. The company offers testing services to physicians and individuals, researchers and corporations across many industries, developing the adoption of telomeres and telomerase activity as key health biomarkers, advancing towards better and longer lifespans.

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