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Numerous studies have shown sufficient evidence that increased levels of vitamins, minerals, proteins and also phytochemicals found in plant compounds can increase telomere length considerably.

There are several theories about aging. The length of the telomeres (protective caps of the DNA) is of particular importance. The telomeres become shorter with each cell division. These cell divisions take place an average of 50 times in humans until the end of life. The shortening of the telomeres to a critical length up to the cellular senescence (the end of cell division), as well as the resulting serious illnesses, lead to chaos and ultimately to the end of life.

The telomerase enzyme helps to repair and lengthen the shorter telomeres. In other words, this means: telomerase can turn back the clock of life by lengthening the telomeres, increasing the number of cell divisions and rejuvenating our cells! The important question arises: Which nutrients from nature, so-called nutraceuticals or also nutritive agents, can increase the telomerase levels and extend our lives as a telomerase activator?

According to a study, the simple and regular intake of commercially available multivitamin supplements has shown to extend the telomere length.
Of 586 participants (ages 35-74 years) who were subject to taking a multivitamin product once a week or daily, the telomeres were on average 5.1% longer than in the control group. (1)

Even high doses of vitamin D seem to have the potential to significantly extend ones lifespan.
Blood serum vitamin D concentrations were measured in 2160 women aged 18 to 79 years (mean age: 49.4 years) from a large population-based twin cohort. The difference in leukocyte telomeres between the highest and the lowest dose of vitamin D was 107 base pairs (P = 0.0009), which corresponds to 5.0 years of telomeric aging.
The results suggest that higher concentrations of vitamin D, which can easily be increased by dietary supplements, are associated with longer telomeres, which underlines the potentially beneficial effects of vitamin D on aging and age-related diseases. (2)

Multivitamin products that in addition to vitamins also have minerals, phytochemicals and proteins, optimised to increase Telomere length and Telomerase activity such as the product “Telomerase Support” by Telomas BioLabs have shown to be more promising than multivitamins on their own as this pilot study with a similar product indicates. In this study, 8 out of 10 participants had an average increase of telomere lengths of 55.86% after 90 days of ingestion.(3)

Conclusion: Specially formulated Telomerase Support products can have a big impact on a longer life!